Podcast review of SUICIDE SQUAD with Craig McKenzie of KneelBeforeBlog (COLLAB!)

Hi guys! Long time no see around here – but don’t worry, my unplanned hiatus is almost over and I’m preparing lots of exciting stuff for you guys, on here, on Instagram and of course over on my YouTube channel! So make sure you’re following me on all those platforms to get the news first. Really cool stuff coming your way.

In the meantime, I’ve just recorded a podcast with my buddy Craig McKenzie of KneelBeforeBlog, where we reviewed WB’s newest instalment in their DC extended superhero universe: Suicide Squad, in which a bunch of villains are forced to team up and be the good guys under pain of death. What could possibly go wrong?

For 90 minutes of pure geekery listen on KneelBeforeBlog here:

Listen now!

Do you agree with any of our opinions? Disagree? Who or what was your favourite thing about the film, or your least favourite? (Make sure to mark your comments for any spoilers, though!)

And as a semi-related question: what did you think about the fans vs critics controversy that exploded online when Suicide Squad was released?

Let us know what you think of the podcast and we may team up and do more! For now, happy listening 🙂

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