A Tarot exhibition and a fanfic movie: projects coming up in 2017

Hey guys! I have emerged from the depths of WORK to give you an update on what’s happening with me. Been a bit busy with side projects and stuff, so the main channel’s been on hiatus for months (…though that’s about to change!), and I can finally tell you all the cool things coming up around here!


First off, Cinescapist TV is coming back strong on YouTube, so if you’re wondering what I thought about recent releases, make sure you’re subscribed 😉 Might be worth hitting that bell button to get notified when I post a new video, too. Still working out a schedule that’ll work with everything else, so stay tuned! Videos I’m working on include an Oscars special and some collabs with really cool people… I can’t wait to show you.


In more film-YouTube news, I’ve just started a new channel with my buddy Amon where we will chat about soundtracks. It’s called Film Score Weekly and you can subscribe here! You can expect a new video every Friday, and we’re also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so if you want to get in touch there’s a bunch of ways to do that.

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I’ve been working on my writing a lot in the last few months, and one of the cool projects I just got involved in is ARCANA, an exhibition about the tarot which will take place in London in April. There’s a Kickstarter that’s live now until the 22nd March where you can back the exhibition and receive cool things like art prints, oil paintings, tote bags, and even tarot readings! I’ll be contributing some short stories inspired by the tarot deck and its multiple interpretations.

Back the Kickstarter and get my stories in zine form!

If you’re keen to see this in the flesh, the exhibition will take place at the Crypt Gallery near King’s Cross/Euston, between the 6th and 10th of April. There’s a Facebook event here with all the details.

In more writing news, I’m turning one of my stories into a play/short film, which in turn will be documented for a film on fan culture! (Yes, that’s the nerdiest sentence ever. I’m squeeing as I type this.) We’re currently casting for the leads in the play/film version of the story (the first chapter of which you can read here), and I will be updating you on where we’ll be performing this when it’s ready.

I’ve also just started a vlogging channel for writing and daily life kinda things along with my BFF, which you can subscribe to here: Two G(r)eeks and a YouTube Channel. That’s for all the non-film stuff, in case you’re not yet sick of my face… 😉

Right, with all this going on, I better get back to work! See you guys around!

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