GALLERY: Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition

Hi guys! Today I have a little taster for you: a preview of what’s to come in the next Cinescapist TV video!

So it’s no secret that I’m a MASSIVE Star Wars fan… but what happens when you let a massive Star Wars fan loose in an exhibition that features original costumes, props and concept art from the series?

She goes CAMERA CRAZY, that’s what!

May I present to you: a collection of photos I took during my visit at Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition, at the O2 Arena in Greenwich.

2016-12-29 14.42.10
Stormtroopers and Boba Fett!
2016-12-29 14.46.47
*thumbs up gif*
2016-12-29 14.50.09
The original R2D2! RIP Kenny Baker :<
2016-12-29 15.00.52
Love that first concept art of Luke and Leia ❤
2016-12-29 15.22.59
The infamous slave bikini… RIP Carrie FIsher :<
Literally every one of us when waking up in the morning.
2016-12-29 15.34.45
Star Destroyer model! They used these when filming the original trilogy’s battle sequences. Truly, they don’t make ’em like this anymore!
2016-12-29 15.41.13
If you squint you can see a tiiiiiny Luke in there!
2016-12-29 15.50.15
The arrangement of spaceships makes them look like they’re travelling at hyper speed – probably my favourite display in the whole exhibition!
2016-12-29 16.03.07
Leia’s Hoth outfit!
2016-12-29 15.43.36
And of course… Yoda there was!
2016-12-29 16.09.22
Hoth’s Next Top Model: Luke Skywalker
2016-12-29 16.15.15
…followed by Naboo’s Next Top Model, Padme Amidala
2016-12-29 16.01.28
Helmet props from the different films in the series. The reason for the yellow visors will surprise you…
2016-12-29 16.36.16
This was a piece of Darth Vader’s ship!
2016-12-29 16.36.54
And of course… the man himself. *heavy machine breathing noises*

See all this and more in the next EPIC Cinescapist TV video! (Editing’s taken over my life, that’s how epic it is… but it’s worth it!)

Until next time…maytheforce.gif

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