Best in Genre: The Movie Favourites Challenge!

The latest movie challenge to do the rounds on Facebook poses a rather hard question: picking your favourite films in every genre.
So I delved deep into my Letterboxd history (which I’ve been quite slack with keeping up recently, oops) and used my five-star ratings to sort through my favourites. Some of these choices were easier to make than others; turns out I’ve only ever seen a handful of westerns, and didn’t even like most of them that much (gasp! I know…), but sci-fi? Oh boy… that was a tough call.
Curious? Well here you go:

Most Hated Movie Of All Time: The Heartbreak Kid
Movie I Think Is Overrated: The Congress
Movie I Think Is Underrated: Magic Mike
Movie I Love: Ocean’s Eleven
Movie I Secretly Love: 17 Again
Favorite Action Movie: Pacific Rim
Favorite Drama: Victoria
Favorite Western: Young Ones
Favorite Horror: Cabin In The Woods
Favorite Comedy: Easy A
Favorite Disney Movie: Beauty And The Beast (1993)
Favorite Science Fiction Movie: Sunshine

Favorite Animated Movie: Monsters Inc
Favorite Superhero Movie: Thor (…yes, the first one)
Favorite Musical: Sing Street
Favorite Documentary: Tickled
Favorite Bad Movie: The Room
Childhood Favorite: Thumbelina
Favorite Franchise: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Best Trilogy: The Lord of the Rings
Guilty Pleasure: Daredevil (2004)
Favorite Director: Joe Wright
Favorite Actor: Daniel Bruhl
Favorite Actress: Anne Hathaway
Favorite Movie This Year So Far: Moana
Worst Movie So Far This Year: A Cure For Wellness
Movie I Have Recently Seen: Ghost In The Shell (2017)
What I Thought Of It: Pretty good, actually. Who knew?
Favorite Movie Of All Time: Interstellar
Agree? Disagree? What are your faves? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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