The cutest cosplayers you’ll ever see: Sci-FiDo at London’s SciFi Film Festival

Calling all cosplay lovers, sci-fi afficionados, and doggo enthusiasts!! Let me draw your attention to THE CUTEST COSPLAY GALLERY OF ALL TIME, taken just last weekend at the SciFi London Film Festival.

You ready?

…I don’t think you are.

Deep breath…

Okay, here we go:

Sci fido (2)
[Doctor Who theme intensifies]
Sci Fido (28)
Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the cutest of them all?
Sci Fido (23)
…probably this guy, let’s be real. Allons-y!
Sci Fido (22)
…although Dino-Dog here is a close contender!
Sci Fido (20)
Wait a minute… is that Left Shark?!
Sci Fido (15)
Ladies and gentlemen, I present… Wonder Dog!
Sci Fido (6)
… and the classiest of ladies 💃
Sci fido (3)
This guy’s definitely my favourite. Come on, he even has a mini TARDIS! 😍

The Sci-Fi London Film Festival runs until the end of the week – I’m personally eyeing the 48 Hour Challenge Awards on Friday and the A.I./Ex Machina Double Bill at the Science Museum IMAX on Saturday night… 🤖🤖🤖

You can get tickets and see the full line-up here:

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