Yuri On Ice, Pirates, and Narnia, or: The Nerdiest Podcast I’ve Ever Been On

Hey guys! Recently, I got down and nerdy with my friend Claire of Radio Free Fandom, for an episode full of the things closest to my heart: gay ice skaters, pirates, and Narnia.


As you all probably know nothing brings me more joy than these things – Yuri On Ice is the anime that saved the world, cured cancer, reversed climate change and made everyone into weebs again; pirates are just… awesome (and I’m working on a pirate story so my love for them runs deep); and Narnia is one of my oldest, dearest fandoms that I’ve had the pleasure of being in. So naturally, what better way to spend an hour than completely geeking out about these things with a friend?

Claire’s new podcast, Radio Free Fandom, is just that: an hour of complete and unabashed nerdy chit-chat about the things that matter most to the guest and host alike. Each week is different – and this week, the guest is me!

Click on the banner below to listen to the episode and see the full list of recommendations we mention in the podcast 🙂

Listen now!

Massive thanks to Claire for having me on her show, I had a blast talking about my favourite things. Hope you guys enjoy listening to us nerd out!

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