Podcast Alert: Mammoth AVENGERS (2012) + overall MCU review

Hey everyone!


I have another podcast collaboration with Kneel Before Blog for you all, this time all about the Avengers! Join me, Craig, Chris and Izaak for a Hulk-sized discussion focused on the first Avengers movie from 2012, as well as some general thoughts on the MCU as a whole.

With Infinity War upon us, we wanted to address the effects of the first Avengers film on cinematic universes in general, our respective introductions to the MCU, and our expectations for where the franchise will be going from here.

And yes, I did manage to talk about Thor for some time…


Listen in two parts below!


Listen Now!
Part 1…
Listen Now!
…and Part 2!

Craig and I also managed to record a post-midnight-screening, spoiler-free Hot Take on the Infinity War film – you can listen to that here!


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