IMG_20170708_124132_697Hey! I’m Kat, and this is my nerdy abode. Welcome! I’m a film superfan, critic & programmer, and I’m currently working on my debut novel. This here blog is the home for all my filmy thoughts, reviews, interviews with filmmakers, YouTube videos predominantly on film and writing, and assorted updates on the world of movies and beyond.

My favourite films include Interstellar (I even have a tattoo of the Endurance, that’s how hardcore I am), the Marvel Cinematic Universe series (with a particularly soft spot for The Winter Soldier and the first Thor movie), and pretty much every Joe Wright film ever.

Books-wise I’m very partial to fantasy & sci-fi novels, and anything Patrick Ness.

You can follow me on Letterboxd, GoodreadsTwitter, and Facebook, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Or, if you want to get in touch, you can do so directly via the form below. I’m PR friendly and particularly open to film review opportunities, interviews/junkets, festivals and film-related events.