Film Screenings

…in London, curated by Kat

Did you know I’m also a film programmer? (That’s fancy for “person who arranges screenings”.) Because I am! I’m working on some exciting film screenings coming up, which you can catch at the following venues:

Deptford Cinema (website)

summer musicals (1)

Summer Musicals Season!

Five films. All toe-tapping, swing-jiving, musical fun from the last three years. Strictly originals only – no adaptations allowed! Tickets are £5! Come down and boogie with us!


Past events:

Departure, 2016

DCQueer Season –  Departure.

This was one of my fave films in 2016, a lyrical coming-of-age film about a boy named Elliott and his mom Beatrice, whose family is falling apart and they both have to figure out the new versions of themselves. They’re getting ready to pack up and sell their holiday house in France, when they meet and befriend a handsome boy named Clément, who’s also going through some stuff but helps both Beatrice and Elliott figure things out in ways neither of them can predict. It’s a very, very beautiful film with some excellent performances, exquisite writing (it reads like a play and I just love scripts like that) and fantastic music too. Event review video coming soon!